So, I Decided To Quit My Job

To whom it may concern:

If I may take a moment to offer genuine gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity I have been provided by this agency to sharpen my skill set, gain insight, and earn the respect of my colleagues through my tireless efforts to ensure I am the best I can possibly be. This place of employment has afforded me the circumstance to earn a living as I scrambled to get back on my feet after a surprising divorce. It provided me with the means to purchase my first and subsequent car; and, for the most part, make those payments on time. I have grown as a woman, leader, and visionary while I have been here.

Since I aim to live a life of gratitude, I could most certainly write reflective sentiments on all of the blessings of working this 9-5, which is more accurately a 7:30-6, with surgeon’s detail and a servant’s humility. I will not, however, belabor the intent of this letter or draw your attention away from what could be more pressing matters.

The objective of this letter is to inform you of my resignation which is effective immediately. As I am approaching five years of partnership, I am sure you may be wondering, “why,” or “why now?”  It is this letter’s purpose to also provide you with that information. I look forward to reviewing my observations and insight in the exit interview I am hopeful to attend.

This job robs me of my creativity. It doesn’t rob me overtly. It drains every piece of energy I have until my passions only get what’s left of me instead of the best of me. I once believed I could juggle it all; but, with growing demands and responsibilities here I was unable to sustain any healthy pattern of pursuing my passions. My dreams deserve better than that.

This job robs me of my focus. Bit by bit, I seemed to be ensnared in the goings on of the office – so much so, that I neglected the goings on of my purpose. My full focus has been on ensuring that I am able to provide my best and most productive hours of focus to you instead of to my dream. My future deserves better than that.

This job robs me of my value. I do not get paid enough. This one may not be fair, because my price far exceeds rubies, anyway. You, nor  any other business or agency, would be able to pay me what I am truly worth. You could, however, increase the value of my services. I am a dedicated subject matter expert and one of the top performers. My compensation has never fairly reflected on the service I offer. My legacy deserves better than that.

With all of that being said, I am still humbled by the opportunity to have been here approaching five years. I have learned lessons that will carry me through the rest of my life. I’ll name a few of them:

  1. My creativity should always be cared for. It is a gift, and a sign from God that I was made in His image.
  2. My focus makes things happen. When I have the opportunity to focus on anything, it will improve. I have to focus on what can improve the life of myself, and my family.
  3. My value is too expensive for a price tag. The salary I accept will be a reflection of what I believe I am worthy to be paid, not what you deem my position can get by on making.

This job has never held me captive. It was always me. I held myself back for fear of failing. Today, however, with this letter of resignation, I am freeing myself from the proposed obligation to attempt to make ends meet by serving in a position, agency, business, or company that no longer serves me. It is with many thanks I leave this place more aware. Cherish those who leave their families to serve in your establishment.


Jeraye B


This title is a bit misleading. I have not quit my job. (You can release the breath you’ve been holding throughout this post).  If I did, however, this is the notice I would present.

I pray you are inspired to evaluate, and make the adjustments you need to. It may not be quitting your 9-5, but instead using the money you earn to fund your passion, or using your time to create concepts. Do more of that, this year. Whatever your adjustment is, the world is waiting on your brilliance. 

With love until next time,



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