They always said, “Let them talk.”

I am irritated by how easy it is to get caught up with what people have to say about me, or my loved ones, or current events, or anything and everything and nothing. I often feel the need to defend, most times to no avail. We live in a time riddled with people who are paid to have an opinion. These, sometimes ill motivated opinions, are broadcast on networks that reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Unfortunately, there are times when an opinion is not congruent with the truth. To say it plainly, there are times when people intentionally misrepresent you. Speaking only for myself, as an individual that actively seeks the best version of myself each day, this triggers the insatiable desire to chase everything that has been said about me. All I have is my name, so I chase it.

Maturity showed me that I was on the wrong chase.

A coronation is a ceremony that involves the crowning of one who is sovereign – a King or Queen, for example. While the picture of a monarchy is vastly different from that of a democratic republic, it is possible that individuals subject to the rule of a monarch may not agree with the choice of the heir that is to take power. Be that as it may, once the coronation occurs, everyone in the kingdom becomes subject to the king or queen’s rule including whatever decrees or proclamations they make.

I believe the same goes for you and me as we step boldly into who we are. Eventually, dissenting opinions, inconsequential issues, and purposeless conflicts will have to bow to the truth of who we are and what we confess about ourselves. The only requirement will be to accept the responsibility of loving God, loving ourselves, and loving people.

The fact is, it does not matter what anyone has to say or what situation you may have been in prior to being crowned and subsequently responsible to lead people who do not like you.

     Although our weight of responsibility  increases as we graduate from who we were to who we are to become, we must wear our crown proudly. Our name is not important, we have to stop chasing it. The proof of our effectiveness is in the security and opulence of the kingdom. 

The truth of who we are will always stand. Lies, misrepresentations, falsehoods, inventions, manipulations, and all other devices used to sabotage our credibility will bow before our truth.

Be encouraged. Stay humble. Forgive always.


With love until next time,

Jeraye B


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