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Dear Lover, I can’t love you, right now. [A Lesson in Singleness]

Sometimes the hardest thing to say is, “it’s not you, it’s me,” and mean it.


Lost in MySelf(ies) – Understanding Pain

This week’s blog is an excerpt from a chapter of a book I wrote a few years ago, and have yet to release. I don’t occupy the space of this specific pain, anymore. I’ve grieved and gained. Social media has a way of reminding you, and everyone that can view pasts posts, of who you…


  What if eventually never comes? What if all I’ve ever hoped for never makes its way to me? What if I can only live my dreams while I sleep? What if I never become who I was supposed to be? How will I ever know? Eventually comes eventually. If what I hope for doesn’t…

Not Quite Healed

“Girl, well how long has it been?” Don’t you just love that question? It’s probably my absolute favorite. (I hope you are picking up on the serious sarcasm I am laying down here, by the way.) This is a question that haunts the parts of me that did not catch the memo that I am…